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Effect of High Cholesterol in Our Body

Cholesterol is not automatically harmful to our body since our body. That requires it for creating vitamin D, hormones and digestive fluids and etc. Above all, having too much LDL in the body can generate problems of the heart and enhance the risk of heart attack and stroke at the same time. So, the effect of high cholesterol in our body is the term which will be discussed in this post. Several of health issues that might occur due to a high stage of cholesterol in the body will also be discussed.

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Effect of High Cholesterol in Our Body

Effect of High Cholesterol

Risk of Atherosclerosis

You have to know that when there is an overload of LDL in our body it tends to form the arteries making them clogged and non flexible. The solidity of the arteries is a condition called atherosclerosis. Moreover, blood does not pass directly through the hardened arteries that are why our heart has to overwork for pushing the blood through the stiff arteries at all. When your arteries are ready clog up. There is a better chance of experienced different heart-related problems.


Risk of Angina and Peripheral Arterial Disease

When the sign starts to deposit on the coronary arteries, it generally disrupts the flow of blood to the heart. This actually leads to passionate chest pain called angina. Patients with angina are at a much bigger risk for a heart attack.  which is created for the effect of high cholesterol in our body.  At the time of the plaque in the coronary artery breaks off it could block the flow of blood. It also results in a heart attack. Plaque build-up can easily block the blood flow to your limbs and stomach- a disease called peripheral arterial disease which has become serious.


Risk of Stroke

Decreases current of oxygen rich blood to the head due to a ruptured or stopped up artery seriously increases the probability of a stroke. Plaque deposition in the blood vessels can ultimately result in a stroke because of disrupted blood flow to the brain at the same time.


Problems in the Digestive System

Cholesterol is essential for the manufacture of bile and this forms an important part of our digestive system. Conversely, an excess in the bile turns crystals and finally into stones in the gall bladder, causing other equally dangerous side effects in out body.


Stomach Ache

Particularly high cholesterol levels make the fat deposits on the liver, spleen, ligaments, and skin. At the time of the spleen or liver extends because of fat deposits. It causes severe stomach ache by putting the difficulty on the other organs of the abdominal cavity at all.

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Another important thing is that the higher the cholesterol levels in the human body. The greater the probability of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels at the same time. More over higher anxiety is created for the effect of high cholesterol in our body. High cholesterol actually does not come with any clear symptoms. Which most of the patients get diagnosed when it is too late. You need to make sure to get your levels checked on your next visit to the doctor.


I think you have got a clear concept about Effect of High Cholesterol in Our Body. I hope you will be concern about these problems. If you like these posts please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you very much.


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