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7 Awesome Tricks to Apply Your Lip Liner Correctly

It is very important to know that wearing lip liner before applying lipstick isn’t obligatory. It will definitely help your lipstick look more gorgeous and make it last longer at the same time. But doing it wrong will generally make your lips look more horrible. The most important thing is that to learn the tricks to apply your lip liner correct way. So, are you prepared to get perfectly stained lips with no vague edges? So finally your game plan is ready. Just you need to continue reading.

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Tricks to Apply Your Lip Liner

Tricks to Apply Your Lip Liner

  1. Keep the liner blunt

You do not need to sharpen your liner pencil to that enormously thin point if you want to stop your line from looking abnormal. Keeping the lip liner a little bit blunt will certainly help you draw lining that can simply blend flawlessly with the lipstick at all.


  1. Start off with lip balm

Using of lip balm should be an essential part of your daily lip care routine. You have to Sweep the balm along your lips to smoothen and try to hydrate them before you apply your lipstick in the same process. Try to kiss your face Organic Lip Balm and bid adieu to dry and chapped lips for good.


  1. Hold your liner right

Makeup professionals suggest holding liner pencil at 45° angle at all. This is actually great tricks to apply your lip liner at all. You should not give excessive force else it will provide you jagged lines. You have to keep the pressure smallest amount while wearing lip liner at the same time. You have to repeat short strokes with a light hand for 2-3 times at all.

  1. Create an ‘X’

You can certainly draw an ‘X’ right at the Cupid’s bow by using your lip liner. You can easily stretch the upper X lines towards the corners of your lips at all. Now you should create a tiny arc in the center of your bottom lip carefully. Now you can draw lines from both ends of the arc such that it ends up the corner of your lip at all. This method will help you emphasize your Cupid’s bow in an important manner.

  1. Prepare a base

You have to know that lip liner isn’t just to line up your lips. It is generally used to form a base for your lipstick. So you need to spread the liner gently on lips to make an ultra-thin layer of color. There are a few gains of this process. Your lipstick will become last longer and your application will look patchy at the same time.


  1. Cross the line for fuller-looking lips

If you make your lips to look fuller, you have to draw a line slightly outside its natural edges. The liner color should be similar the natural color of your skin at all.

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  1. The nude liner works best!

You have to think that there is no point of applying lip liner if it has no observable color, but many of your preferred Celebes’s are already rocking nude liners like a boss at all. A nude liner will not be notified of course, but it will easily help you avoid color bleeding and blur edges.

I think you have got a clear idea about tricks to apply your lip liner correctly. I hope you are ready to wear your lipstick now. If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you very much.

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