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72 Hours Essential Skincare after Sunburn

If you try to find your skin becoming red or even burning after long time outdoor activities in summer, you are seriously sunburned. Statistics show that after 3 hours of UV irradiation by the ferocious sun, the outside skin of human will get sunburned, even the cells in the dermis also get hurt and lose its vitality. Finally, skin aging will be accelerated at all. In this article, I would like to share with you about 72 Hours Essential Skincare after Sunburn. So, now you are exposed to sunlight in outdoors for all the time, no matter your skin becomes peeled or not. This is very essential to the complete skin repairing care in the following 72 hours. There will be 4 steps in total.

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Essential Skincare after Sunburn

Essential Skincare after Sunburn

  1. First six hours after sunburn: comforting the skin. The first thing you should perform is to cool the skin down after sunburn at all. The easy way is to use a big amount of spray toner at the same time. If your face is becoming red and hot, you can also use some special products such as aloe vera gel and chamomile water to make your face cool.

Note: You have to remember that you should not use whitening products just after the sunburn because your skin is easily broken and whitening products might generally cause skin allergies. So you can use moisturizer only that will not increase the burden of the skin.


  1. In the next 12 hours after sunburn: You should replenish moisture for your skin. When the situation of your skin is stable, it still requires a lot of water to fix the damaged cells. At this time, you can easily use some essences or extraordinary sun repairing products. Essence normally enables your skin to absorb the moisture fast and recover the healthy condition of the dermis with its ingredients. So your skin will never be damaged after the sunburn.

More Essential Skincare after Sunburn

  1. Next 48 hours after sunburn: Try to whiten your skin. Most of the people are interested to use the whitening products after sunburn effect. You have to be patient, here actually comes this step. If you do not get sunburned very seriously, you can definitely use the skin whitening products just after two days. You can simply use vitamin C water of 5% concentration to prevent the formation of melanin. Vitamin C can encourage the growth of collagen and boost up the metabolism of damaged skin at the same time.


  1. In the last 72 hours after sunburn: you have to the deep repair of skin at all. Ultraviolet rays from the sunlight will easily destroy the arrangement of collagen in our dermis, which will certainly lead to skin aging. So you need a lot of vitamin E and protein to recover the elasticity and thickness of your skin. Vitamin E is a very powerful natural antioxidant that gives the elements for collagen synthesis. Finally, vitamin E is a very effective component to avoid melanin at all.

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I think you have got a clear about 72 hours Essential Skincare after Sunburn completely. I hope you will try it yourself. If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you very much.

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